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Benzinga: Digby Passes $100 million

(Taken from an article on Benziga. Click HERE for the article there)

Oct 05, 2022 — Distinguished. Driven. Dependable.

Digby Commercial Advisors, founded under 5 years ago, has passed the majority of commercial real estate brokerages that have been around for generations. Passing over 100 million dollars in total sales and lease transactions is a career defining moment at any stage but what makes this remarkable is the time frame. 

Started in 2018, Tanner Digby (owner of the brokerage), dedicates his success to unmatched competency in the market and the capability to complete transactions with abnormal complexity. The inevitable track record of their success can be seen in the review section of their website.

Digby Commercial Advisors specialize in sales, leasing, and land development however they are notorious for finding “off-market” deals for their clients.